Dr Jonathan Loughlin completed this case in 2009. A composite resin is used to build the teeth up resulting in improved function and appearence. The approximate patient spend was $6000

Resin Bonding

Damon System Orthodontics

Surgery and crown work for these cases was performed by Dr Jonathan Loughlin. 

Dental implants provide a fixed alternative to bridges and dentures when looking at replacing missing teeth. They closely mimic the function and natural appearence of real teeth. 

Dr Jonathan Loughlin also places implants with attachments or clips to hold dentures in position. The implants are able to minimise movement of the denture.

Implants to replace missing teeth

This case was treated by Dr Jonathan Loughlin in 2012. 

The damon system has been clinically proven to move teeth quicker and more comfortably then traditional braces. 

This innovative technolgy uses tie-less brackets reducing binding and friction which results in a shorter treatment time. 

The pictured case was treated within 16 months.

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BDSc (hons) UQ; Grad Dip Clin Dent (oral implants) Usyd